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I have been getting a lot of emails and questions around the same topic so I thought I would do a post about it to help give everyone a general idea and answer a few of those lurking questions you have.

1. How long will I have to wait?
Well from my previous posts you can see there can be long waiting times. From when you do your application you can expect to hear within a week or two max. From your assessment day you can expect to hear within 5-7 working days and after that well references can take however long it takes to finish. I thought 7 months was long but I know people who have had to wait longer.

2. Do I get to choose what aircrafts I fly on?
No. You find out what aircrafts you will be trained on in your first day. You may get trained on more after the years go on.

3. Do I have to pay for everything?
Depends what you mean by everything. You don’t get accomodation paid for during training so you will have to find and fund this for yourself.
Your medical is free, and so are your basic vaccinations that you have to get. You do get free bus shuttle around the Heathrow area from different locations and if you drive, there is free parking at the training Base.

4. If I have a holiday booked will I get this off?
Depending on whether this is still the case now but when I arrived for my assessment day, they get you to fill out a form and on this form it asks you if you have any holiday booked within the next 12 months. This is your chance to write down anything you have planned. I assume they book your training around this if successful and pass it on to scheduling so it can be put on your Roster for the future.

5. Do you have to wear formal clothes everyday?
The dress code is smart casual (No leggings, jeans or trainers allowed). It is up to you whether you wear dresses, skirts or trousers but I would recommend wearing trousers on your SEP practical assessment days. Men you don’t have to wear a tie every day but the tops you wear do have to have a collar on them. Ladies, you don’t have to wear heels everyday but if you do choose to wear them then make sure you bring flats in your bag as you are not allowed to wear heels in the SEP hall or on aircraft visits.

6. Is there a dress code for the uniform fitting and medical?
No there wasn’t one when I went to mine. You are able to wear whatever you like, obviously just bear in mind that the medical is usually done in the head office so wear something respectful. If there are changes to the dress code they would normally inform you either my email or in your contract

7. Are the crew friendly?
Well that always depends on who the person is. I have been lucky enough to fly with some really nice crew but at the end of the day, everyone has been in your position once so they are always there to help you. You are all a team!

*8. What are available days?
These are days that you may be rostered which can be changed either into a trip, home/ airport standby or if you’re lucky a non op/ day off. Once you have been online for over 3 months you can ring to get your available days filled in with a trip that may be available (not always guaranteed however).

*9. Do you use cash or card abroad?
I have a revolut card that I use in most destinations. It’s like a prepaid card that you top up using your bank account and it’s do safe with better exchange rates. However, depending on the destination I may take out money just in case but if it’s not needed I put it back in.

*10. What’s the app you use to show all the destinations you’re flying to in one place?
I use the roster Buster App. It’s a free download but you can pay £8 for the year I believe to upload your Roster as many times as you like for it to update. If you have it you can search my name to find me on there. If you are an iPhone user and just looking for quick access to your Roster, the BA roster app is good. There is a fee for that app but unsure of the price. 

Anything else I should know?
– They aren’t there to catch you out or put you on the spot. The questions they ask you at the interview you probably will have an answer for it.
– Come with a few questions to ask them at the end as it shows interest
– Make friends with people on your AD, if you both get through you could live together during training and help split the costs.
Hopefully I have answered most of the questions that you had but if there is anything that I have missed then just let me know. If you are thinking it, then someone else probably is too 😊

Good Luck!


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