Singapore ➡ Sydney (Part 2)

*[Updated 05/04/17]

The second part of my trip took me to Sydney, Australia. We landed first thing in the morning and I was so tired as it was about a 7 hour flight between Singapore and Sydney but I powered through as we don’t get long in Sydney.

*Forgot to mention for the landing into Sydney I got to sit in the flight deck. The weather wasn’t the greatest but I did manage to see a couple sights as we got lower. The sunrise was beautiful to watch too. My camera didn’t do it any justice however!

*You will probably see more of it when I finished editing and upload the vlog of this trip!

Once I got to my room, it was just a quick change out of my uniform and meet downstairs for breakfast. It was a buffet breakfast so you could help yourself to whatever you like. I was so hungry that I made a plate of the most random bits of food and then washed it down with a glass of prosecco.

After breakfast a couple of us decided to walk down by the Harbour and then get a boat that takes you around the harbour bay so you get to see all the sights in one go. The weather was being very temperamental but at this point the sun was shining down so was the perfect weather for a boat ride.

On the boat journey, I got to pass under the Harbour Bridge and around the Opera house just before pulling up outside for you to hop off and walk right up to it.

Even though the sun was out, the wind was pretty strong and that would explaining the rain downpour that followed soon after, but not before I managed to take my tourist pictures.

After that we had a walk through the park to have a look around. I mean there wasn’t a lot to see as after all it was just a park but it was nice to be out taking in the scenery and the fresh air and just enjoying your surroundings to be honest.

After all that walking around, it was time to go back to the hotel. After all we hadnt slept at all by this point and we’re running low on energy. As soon as I got to the hotel, it was straight to bed and slept until later on in the evening where a few of us arranged to meet downstairs for some dinner.

We didn’t venture very far, just to the hotel restaurant. I kept it simple with a chicken curry with rice qnd naan bread. It was filling and filled the gap so I would say it done the job.

Once we had all finished dinner, we decided that we would walk back down to the Harbour to see what the bridge and the opera house looked at night. It was a lovely idea to walk down as everything was all lit up at night time and it was a great photo opportunity.

I took a lot of photos that evening as everything just looked so picturesque. It had started to rain again after we took our pictures so we thought it would be best to call it a night and go back to the hotel to sleep as we had to be up the next day for the flight back to Singapore!

There is so much more to see and do in Sydney but there is only so much you can do in one day so had to do what I could. Hopefully if I get the chance to go again I could do something else!

 Stay Tuned for Part 3✌



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