May Roster

It’s weird writing my May Roster as that now means it has been a year since I started my training to be Cabin Crew. Time has flown by so much.

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 LAS (Las Vegas) 🇺🇸


Airport Standby

-Home Standby x7

-ABZ > ABZ (Aberdeen) 🇬🇧

-LIS (Lisbon) 🇵🇹

-Team Day

-GOT >DUB (Gothenburg > Dublin) 🇸🇪 > 🇮🇪


Well as you can see there isn’t much going on in my May roster, which is slightly disappointing. No long haul destinations and a lot of standby. So a very quiet month indeed.

I come back from my Vegas trip at the begining of May which then leads into my annual SEP/Recurrent training. As it has been a year since I started flying, I have to go back to where it all started at the training base to do my yearly Saftety and Emergency re-learining and Aviation Medicine. So back to the books for me to make sure I pass everything!

Then I have a whole 9 days of standby *sigh* which means I am basically covering the Singapore – Sydney trip. I’m kind of hoping I get called for it on the first day otherwise God knows what I will have for the rest of the standby block…

After that stint, I have an ABZ night stop followed by an ABZ there and back. I haven’t stayed the night there before so I guess that’s something new.

I do then have a LIS nightstop which is a new destination so I’m quite excited about this!

With a few days off after I then have a team day. I’m not quite sure what this will entail as I have never had one but I believe we spend the day at the head office doing team building skills.

Then after a few more days off I then have a GOT night stop which is always a lovely trip with their spa there and then I come back to do a Dublin there and back.


Overall, it’s by far not the best roster I have had but it can only get better from here!


Stay Tuned ✌



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