Gelatos & Gondolas in Venice

I know I’ve been slacking on my blog posts recently, apologies but had a lot going on but I’m back like I never left with a wonderful new post for you all.

So, at the beginning of April I had a lovely euro tour starting at Venice which I was so excited about. I had never been to Venice before so I was looking forward to seeing what it had to offer and exploring the city. During the flight we flew over The Alps which was such a beautiful sight to see. It was a fairly early start with a 7am report and a full flight but 2 hours later I was ready to explore.

We got to the hotel around midday and after a quick change and a few pictures later I was ready to explore. The hotel room was lovely and modern, very clean and crisp and well had all the basic amenities that you would need in a room.

To get to venice island, I had to take a bus across the bridge. It didn’t take too long thankfully, maybe around 20 minutes or so. It was enough time to take in scenery as I went along and so thankful that it was such a nice sunny day!

The bus’ last stop was the bus station which was right in the middle of Venice. From there you can decide to use the water bus or taxi or any form of water transport really. I bought the all day pass as I knew I would be getting off at different stops along the way.

First up on the to-do list was to try some of the famous italian gelato. It didn’t disappoint either, so many choices and sizes and so creamy and tasty! I don’t know what it is that they do so differently but I say keep up the good work guys.

After walking around and taking lots of pictures it was time to find somewhere nice to eat for dinner. I wanted to find somewhere “typically italian” and I was spoilt for choices within the area. Eventually I found a lovely little restaurant down one of the many alleys in the center. I ordered the Aperol Spritz as that seemed to be the main drink in the city but I wasn’t too keen on it to be honest, I had to order a side of lemonade to mix with it. The food on the other hand was delicious! I had a spicy tomato and shrimp linquine.

Once I had finished dinner, it was back for another walk around the canal. It has always been one of my many plans to ride a gondola in Venice so eventually I decided to go on one. It wasn’t the cheapest thing I could have chosen at €80 a ride. I guess it would have been cheaper if there were more people on the ride as you can have up to 6 people in a gondola.


The gondola ride was an amazing experience and I am glad that I got to try it. On the water bus I had seen the magnum store along the river back and decided that I should try it before going back to the hotel.

I witnessed a lovely sunset on the way back. If venice is anything it is definitely scenic.

The magnum store was a lot of fun. You first choose your ice-cream base vanilla or chocolate then you choose what chocolate for it to be dipped in (white, milk or dark) and then the same for the drizzle. Then choose from a wide range of different toppings. If I am honest, it was more fun to make it than to eat it. The first few bites were nice but it got far too sickly but at least I can say I tried it. To wash it down I had a nice cocktail!

Once I had enough of the magnum ice-cream, it was time to get back on the water bus back to the station. By this point, the sun had fully set and the venice lights had light up the area. It was then a short bus journey back to the hotel for an early night for an early start back to heathrow the next morning.

I had an amazing time in Venice and glad I got to experience. It was only part one of the trip as well – part 1 and 2 to follow.

I have some footage of this day/trip so once I’ve finished editing it, I will post it on my youtube channel – don’t forget to subscribe for the update✌

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