From Belfast to Vienna

After my trip to Venice, it was back to heathrow the next morning to get a flight over to Belfast. Part two of the euro tour to begin. Thankfully, the flight over to Belfast isn’t too long so within an hour we had landed in the afternoon. The weather in Belfast wasn’t the greatest, chucking it down with rain but thankfully I had made plans that were all indoors.

There rooms were standard as always but not much time was spent there as soon as I checked in, I got changed and went to the hotel restaurant to get something to eat before heading back out again.

It was the weekend so I thought I would treat myself to a cocktail. I ordered the mojito which I usually love but I wasn’t very impressed with this one. The strawberry daiquiri however was really nice!

For lunch, it was nothing special. Just a toasted sandwich where you could choose your own fillings and it came with a side of crisps and olives.

Once lunch was finished, I then took an Uber over to the Titanic Exhibition. As the weather wasn’t that great, I decided to out of the hop on hop off bus tour but this exhibition is all indoors so it would have been rude to miss out on this opportuity. Titanic is one of those films that most people have seen one too many times so it was nice to learn more about the history of the film instead of why Rose didn’t let Jack on the piece of furniture (but we won’t get into that lol).

You learn a lot about the ship from how it was made and what they used and the different classes that were inside. I learnt a lot more about the Titanic than I ever knew but I don’t want to say too much as you should really get to experience it for yourself. There are lots of interactive parts throughout the tour as well to keep you entertained.

Also depending on what ticket you buy as well, you can also get the opportunity to look at the sister ship to the titanic (the original one) that they have preserved across the road from the exhibition.

After the exhibition was over, it was back to the hotel to relax for the rest of the evening before another early start the next morning.

As this trip was a short one, I thought I would incorporate the next part of the trip on the same post. So after I got back to heathrow from Belfast, we had another briefing before heading over to Vienna. This flight is slightly longer, just under 2 hours. I had been to Vienna before so hadn’t really made any plans for this trip but once we got there the crew wanted to go out for dinner.

The room was different to one I had last time (click here for post) but still a lovely room. I love this hotel! Once I had checked in and got ready, I met up with the rest of the crew in the lobby to go out and find something to eat.

It didn’t take us long to find somewhere to eat as we went to the same restaurant that we usually go to –  1516. You may remember this restaurant from my last post in Vienna. The food is always delicious when I come here and the portions are really big, I don’t think I have ever finished a meal here because I am always so full halfway through.

After we had finished dinner, we decided to go for a walk around the city. It was quite nice to do this as even though I have been to Vienna a few times, I never went for a walk around to have a look at the city.

We wanted to find a nice place for dessert and came across a lovely gelato shop. It had some many varieties of flavours of gelato and sorbets. In the end I chose vanilla ice-cream and strawberry sorbet. I didn’t know if the two together would work but I wasn’t disappointed!!

After a lovely scenic walk around the city and through the park, it had started to get late and we once again had another early start the next morning. So we called it a night and went back to the hotel for a well deserved rest. This concluded the euro-tour for this trip! So happy that I got to visit some old and new destinations and share it with new people. Let’s hope my June roster will be a wonderful surprise.

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