June Roster

*Updated [03/06/17]

Apologies for being so quiet on the blog again, it’s been a hectic few weeks and needed a break from social media for a while. As it’s the end of the month, I thought it was about time to make a comeback and with the release of my June Roster!

Airport Standby

*-Home Standby x3

*-PEK (Beijing) 🇨🇳

-ATL (Atlanta) 🇺🇸

-NBO (Nairobi) 🇰🇪

-MAN->MAN->MAN (Manchester) 🇬🇧

-MAN -> ABZ -> PMI (Manchester > Aberdeen > Mallorca) 🇬🇧 > 🇪🇸

-Annual Leave


Well it’s safe to say my June Roster is a significant improvement to last months!

* I start the month with airport standby, and home standbys which hopefully I get called for a long haul trip on!  20 minutes into my airport standby, I get called for a trip to PEK! The best part about this was the fist sector I would be positioning out. This means I do not work on the flight and instead I sit in the cabin as a passenger. My first position trip and I was so excited! However, I would be working on the flight back 4 days later.

After this I have a trip to ATL which was one of my bids for the month so I’m looking forward to going back there again and doing something this time round.

Then I managed to get another one of my bids NBO which I’m super excited about as hopefully I will get to see the baby elephants and feed the giraffes.

After this, I have a large short haul stint with a MAN there and back (t&b) followed by a MAN night stop, finished by another MAN t&b. Well if that wasn’t enough, I then have another MAN t&b followed by an Aberdeen night stop, finishing with a PMI t&b.

So a couple new blog posts soon to come!

Stay Tuned ✌



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