Seaplanes in Seattle

My first trip to Seattle was quite an exciting one. The flight time is horrendous compared to the little time that we get to spend there but I was determined to make the most of it. We arrived in seattle in the late evening. So once we had checked into our rooms it was a quick change to go and explore outside and find somewhere to eat for dinner.

A short walk away we found a cheesecake factory which is always a plus. After we finished eating it was back to the hotel for an early night so that we could be up in the morning for another day of exploring.

The next morning, the first point on the list was the first ever starbucks shop in Pike Place which was first established in 1971. I’m not even a big coffee drinker but it is definitely a must see when in the area. Of course everyone has the same idea so the queue going into the shop was a bit long. I decided to try the unicorn frappucino which was out at the time, it was meant to be the new colour and flavour changing sensation. The first few sips were nice but after a while it did get quite sickly so I didn’t end up finishing it – but I did keep the container as a souvenir.

After we had finished getting our purchases, we then decided to walk further down the road to the Gum Wall. The story behind this wall from what I hear is that people weren’t allowed gum inside the theatre so would stick it on the wall before going inside and I guess it just became a thing after that. As gross as it was I did decide to take a picture in front of the wall but I forgot to buy gum so a cheesy grin had to suffice instead.

There was quite a bit of time to kill before pick up that evening so we just had a little walk around taking pictures and taking in the scenery. I even passed the famous pike place market.

When we got back to the hotel I bumped into a few more of colleagues who were going to the harbour to do the sea plane. I had heard about the sea planes before so thought I would tag along and have a go. As we were crew, we get to wait on standby and if there are seats left then we get to go on.

I had never been in a seaplane before so I wasn’t sure what to expect however it was an amazing experience. The take off and landing was smooth and you get to see so much of Seattle than you would just walking around. The plane had headphones inside that had a speaking tour of everything that you were flying pass.

Once the experience was over we got an uber back to the hotel with enough tune to eat and get ready before pick up. I tucked into some chilli garlic prawns with a side of fries.

The flight home was long but fairly relaxed and got to see a wonderful sunrise back into London.


Stay Tuned ✌



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