Bienvenido a Miami

My first team trip was to Miami. We don’t get the longest of time to spend there considering the length of the flight but at least I would get to see a few of my colleagues from my training group. The flight out was quite full, which I guess isn’t a problem on long flights as it keeps you busy and makes the time go quickly.

I had been on a trip to Miami before so knew what to expect from the hotel rooms. They are really nice and spacious and a depending on what room you get, a nice view outside.

Once we were all checked in and changed out of the uniform, a few of us decided to go over to the supermarket across the road to get some food and drink. I love this supermarket because they do the best salads. I must admit they are a bit over priced but I don’t mind paying a bit more if I know I am going to enjoy the food. Then to wash it all down I bought some mini bottles of Rosé!

It was nice just sitting by the pool catching up with everyone, time flew by so quickly. As the sun was starting to set, it was my time to have a mini photo session. It was really beautiful to watch and seeing all the lights around the pool eventually come on as well. When it eventually got dark and later on at night, we decided to call it a night as we would be waking up early in the morning to go to the beach.

When in america I usually tend to wake up quite early due to the time difference. I had bought some fruit from the supermarket so I munched down on that in the morning for my breakfast.

We all met in the lobby at around 9am to get an uber down to south beach (use my code shanicef229ue for a free ride). The journey took around 45 minutes as we are quite far away from south beach but it was all worth it when we reached there.

The weather was definitely on our side that day and the sun was out in full force and in all its glory. We went onto the beach and found a nice spot to lay down and catch some rays for a few hours.


South Beach is a lovely area famous for its southern american influences, shopping and nightlife. I didn’t manage to make it to south beach for the nightlife aspect because I was too tired to make it out. However, it is definitely something I would try if I ever got a longer trip/holiday there.

It wasn’t long before time caught up with us and we decided that we would have to head back in the direction of the hotel if we wanted to get something to eat and sort ourselves out before pick up that afternoon. So we got another uber back to the hotel and went to the supermarket to grab some food to eat in the room and pack our bags.

The flight back was just as busy as the way out but it wasn’t long before we were back in London.

Thanks team for a lovely trip and can’t wait to fly with you all again!

Stay Tuned ✌



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