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I’ve been posting so many travel related posts that I almost forgot that I do have a life outside travelling, as hard as I find that hard to believe sometimes. So I thought it was time for another lifestyle post.

My cousin from Jamaica came to visit during the time that I was off for annual leave, so we decided that we would go to Beckworth Emporium for some afternoon tea before she flew back home. I have been to Beckworth many of times before and I believe that I have posted about it before on my old blog but when something is good, it deserves to mentioned more than once.

The afternoon tea is served everyday from 2pm until 4:30pm and served with your choice of tea and coffee. I usually like to have hot chocolate as I’m not a massive fan of coffee but that’s and added extra so I made do with a mocha while my cousin had normal english tea. To make the most of the experience we thought we would treat ourselves to a glass of fizz, so opted for their Hugo cocktail. This consists of 175ml glass of prosecco with a dash of elderflower cordial and some mint. Lovely and refreshing.

The afternoon tea selection is served and beautifully displayed on a black granite slate plate.  There is a selection of sandwiches in the middle which sometimes change seasonally – this time we had salmon & cream cheese, Hambleton Farm sliced ham, chicken and black pepper mayo, Brie & plum Job Jam, Cheddar cheese & tomato and egg mayonnaise which was then topped with crisps and watercress.

For the sweet treats, which often change due to the season, we had white chocolate caramel shortbread, victoria sponge cake, mini pimms trifle and of course scones served with clotted cream and jam.

The dish is meant to be enjoyed between two people so there are two servings of everything on the plate, however if you are coming with an odd number of people they do cater a smaller plate for the extra person for an added cost.

Als0 for other dietary requirements, they do offer a vegetarian and a gluten free version of the afternoon tea so you don’t have to miss out!

Stay tuned for lifestyle posts ✌



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