Touring Nairobi

My first trip to Nairobi, Kenya was an amazing experience. I had never been before so it was a lovely surprise to see on my roster.

I arrived at the hotel in the late evening so after a quick change out of my uniform, myself and a few of the crew met by the bar outside to have a few drinks and unwind from the flight.

The next morning some of us had arranged with the hotel to go out on an excursion to go to the Elephant orphanage and the giraffe sanctuary. I have seen elephants up close before while doing a safari back in Johannesburg last year so I was excited to see some baby elephants. The story behind each elephant was so sad but quickly turned around when you hear how much the orphanage has saved them and look after them on a daily basis.

The ages of the elephants ranged from 2 year old all the way to teenagers. They were brought down in groups into a small section where the caretakers would give them all two bottles of milk from a bottle. Of course many of the elephants wanted more, which was quite funny to watch but the caretakers were firm but fair.

All of the elephants looked happy walking around and playing with one another, they seem to all have formed a tight bond. As they walked around, if you were close enough you could touch them (under supervision) and even take a quick selfie if you were quick enough before they moved again.

The elephant orphanage was only open to the public for an hour, so once that had finished we were then taken to the African fund for endangered wildlife kenya, this is where the giraffes were. I had never been this close to a giraffe before so it was definitely going to be an experience.

You are given a handful of food to feed to the giraffes, which I would suggest giving it to them one at a time as they like to come back for more. It is such a weird feeling when they use their tongues to take the food from you. If you were brave enough some people put the food between the lips for the giraffes to take so that when you took a picture it looked like you were kissing. However, my relationship with the giraffes hadn’t quite reached that level yet so I stuck to just feeding them by hand.

Once all your food had been used up it was then time to make our way back to the hotel. There wasn’t much else to do but relax until the fight home that night.

Nairobi was a lovely place to visit and wouldn’t mind that showing up on my roster again.

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