October ’17 Roster

*UPDATED: 19/10/17

This year is going by so quickly, I actually can’t believe October is here already, it won’t be long before the christmas decorations start coming out. So, I’m here again with a brand new roster and some lovely new destinations to explore!

MAN > BHD > DUB (Manchester > Belfast > Dublin) 🇬🇧 > 🇬🇧 > 🇮🇪

-Annual Leave

ICN (Seoul, South Korea) 🇰🇷

– TLV (Tel Aviv) 🇮🇱

*-Airport Standby

*DME (Moscow) 🇷🇺

Home Standby

*-Home Standby

*DME (Moscow) 🇷🇺

*-TLV (Tel Aviv) 🇮🇱

*Adhoc Leave

-SJC (San Jose) 🇺🇸


At the beginning of the month I start with a euro/domestic tour with a t&b to MAN a standover (two nights) in BHD and then finish with a t&b to DUB. Nice and short and sweet to lead me into a few days of annual leave to celebrate my birthday yay!

After that, I have a trip to ICN. I didn’t do much on my last trip there so maybe I will get up to more this time. After that I have a trip to TLV (new destination). It’s such a short trip I don’t think I will get a chance to even do anything but we shall see.

<*Then I have a short stint of standby, so the world is my oyster there following into another TLV. My airport standby changed to a DME (day flight) which was a new destination for me. My home standby the next day remained unchanged and I didn’t get called. However, my home standby the day after got changed to another DME (day flight).

Next up, to round the month off I have a trip to SJC (new destination). I’m not sure what there is to do there but I know a lot of people take a day trip to San Fran so maybe I will end up doing that.

Overall, not a bad roster and some lovely new destinations (thank you 787).

Stay tuned for the blog posts ✌



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