Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn is located in Brindley place Birmingham. It is a very modern hotel which is located off of Broad street so close to the city centre and the national sea life centre.

I had the opportunity to go to this hotel and experience their afternoon tea (as it included delicious food). I will mainly focus on the food as I didn’t stay over in the hotel so I wouldn’t be able to give an honest opinion on the rooms and the amenities.

The restaurant was very quiet when we arrived (around 2pm) which was surprisingly pleasant as we got to choose where we would like to sit which ended up being in a quiet booth in the corner by the window.

After having a quick browse through the menu to ponder what tea to have and see what sandwiches and sweet treats we would be tasting, the waitress came to take our orders and give us all a glass of prosecco. This did go mostly untouched as we were all recovering from the night out the day before. I chose the earl grey tea as I like the distinctive taste that it has.

As the restaurant was so quiet it didn’t take too long before the food arrived and we could dig in. I hadn’t eaten anything that morning so I thought I would demolish most of the food that was in front of me however that wasn’t the case. The sandwiches were lovely so they all got eaten except the salmon one on my behalf as I am not a fan of that as some of you may know. I believe I had half of a scone, I rarely eat them when having afternoon teas as i find them very filling and I don’t like raisins in my food (I sound so picky haha). Then it came to the sweet dishes which usually is my favourite part of an afternoon tea. The macaroons and victoria sponge cake was lovely but unfortunately I found the chocolate eclair and chocolate brownie cake way too sweet.

You would think one afternoon tea dish between two people would be easier enough to finish off but it’s always harder than it looks. This could be because they are quite heavy dishes in the terms of the sandwiches (bread) and the scones and then the cake. It tends to fill you up very quickly but I still enjoyed my experience. The staff were lovely and attentive so we all felt comfortable to take our time and not be rushed.

Overall the whole afternoon tea experience at the Hilton Garden Inn was very enjoyable and I would come again to experience other cuisines that they have on their main menu.

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