A Day In Abu Dhabi

I am always happy when I see one of my bids on my monthly roster. As I had never been to Abu Dhabi before I was excited to see what this new destination had to offer. The flight time wasn’t too bad with around 7 hours. We got to the hotel quite late at night, so while most of the crew went to bed, the rest of us decided that we would meet at the bar for a drink before calling it a night.

The next morning after having a nice lie-in, I decided to get up and walk across the road as the hotel has its own beach club on the other side. You have access to the beach, swimming pool, spa and gym – however, einstein over here only went and forgot to pack her bikini so I couldn’t do much but sunbathe in my skirt and sarong.

I met up with some of the crew on beach and after sunbathing for hours we decided that we would go to the beach restaurant to get something to eat. There was a wide selection to choose from to be fair but in the end i just decided to get some spring rolls and a portion of fries.

After lunch, the weather had started to cool down, so I moved over to lie down by the pool. It felt a bit surreal lying there with majority of people I would assume were on holiday. I had to remind myself that I was actually here for work! The weather and surroundings were amazingly beautiful!

A few of us had decided to meet up in the evening around sunset to go and visit the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. I had seen peoples pictures of it before and heard a lot about it so was quite excited to finally get to see it for myself. The Grand Mosque is the largest in the UAE and I can certainly see why. From when you pull up into the grounds you can see its tall and wide structure stretching out.

With the mosque being a religious building, once inside the ladies had to put on a Abaya dress (if you weren’t already wearing one) and the men in similar attire if you were wearing shorts or a top deemed offensive. Of course I was more than happy to oblige but you soon realise how hot it is when walking around. Thankfully, the indoor parts were air-conditioned so you soon cooled down.

We had decided to arrive at the mosque around sunset so that we could get to see the mosque during the day and night and witness the lights coming on. I would say that this is a good time to do it as the weather is cooler than it would be during the day and plus you get a wide variety of pictures. The mosque looked just as amazing in daylight as it did at night.


After spending a few hours at the mosque we decided it was time to go back to the hotel as we were getting picked up for the flight home that night. So after getting some room service and getting changed, it was another 7/8 hour flight back to london and back to reality. I would love to come back to Abu Dhabi again – and this time I will remember to pack my bikini so that I get to properly enjoy the beach club this time!


Stay tuned ✌



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