November ’17 Roster

*UPDATE: 24/11/17

November roster is here, not long before the christmas rosters are out. My flying hours are quite high so my november roster isn’t as full of long haul flights as it usually is but at least theres a new destination. Hopefully next month will bring some more new delights.


MCT (Muscat) 🇴🇲

-Airport Standby

Home Standby

-DUB > DUB (Dublin > Dublin) 🇮🇪

-Home Standby

*-MAD (Madrid) 🇪🇸

-Home Standby

-Annual Leave

-MAD (Madrid) 🇪🇸

*-LIN > MAN > LIN > DUB (Milan > Manchester > Milan > Dublin) 🇮🇹 > 🇬🇧 > 🇮🇹 > 🇮🇪

*-Home Standby x2

-LIS > BHD > WAW (Lisbon > Belfast > Warsaw) 🇵🇹 > 🇬🇧 > 🇵🇱


So I start off November with a trip to MCT. New destination so hopefully I get to do some sightseeing, I don’t get a long amount of time there but if anyone has any recommendations of things to do then let me know.

Then this is followed by an airport standby and three home standbys leading into a stint of annual leave.
I didn’t get called on my airport standby. My first home standby changed to two DUB t&b and then my second home standby changed to a t&b to MAD. These short-hauls are causing havoc on my commute but at least it’s near the end now.

After what will be like a week off, I then have a T&B to MAD which leads into one of the longest euro tours I have had since I started flying. A t&b to LIN *to a night stop in MAN and then a night stop in LIN ending with a there and back to DUB.  *Due to unforeseen circumstances, there was delays in LIN which ended up in us getting knocked off the MAN and LIN nightstop and it changed to two home standbys and I didn’t get called for either.

Next day I then have a night stop in LIS into a night stop in BHD and then ending with a t&b to WAW!

A lot of short haul but at least it is a euro tour with night stops so not a lot of commuting needed.

Stay tuned for the blog posts ✌



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  1. Bartek
    November 2, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    Did you get called on your standbys in October? (^^)

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