Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription box that gets delivered to your door every month with fresh new razor blazes for you to change every week. So I decided that I would sign up for it and see what this new hype is all about.

From just £5 a month you can get a selection of different razors to choose from that you would like to be delivered. If it’s something you decide you don’t need every month, you can log onto your profile and decide to receive your subscription bi-monthly or pause it all together until you are ready.


As most of you already know its pretty important to change your razor blades regularly as this tomes irritation and infections occurring. However, this may not always be easy to do with busy schedules and other commitments, so FFS makes it easier for you to receive your fresh blazes without having to leave your house.

I originally chose their ‘Rose’ razor to try out, however their old material that they used to use to manufacture this razor handle started to rust. Thankfully, they realised this was an issue with everyone and changed their material so that it wouldn’t rust and sent out a new handle to their customers who had previously purchased one. This time I decided to choose their new handle ‘Sylvia’ and they engraved it with my name. There is a third razor to choose from called ‘Frankie’.

The two razors that I have have 6 diamond-coated steel blades which decreases the risk of cuts while shaving while still giving you that close shave.

With my first subscription, I opted to have their Manuka Honey, Shea butter and coconut oil shaving cream. It has a unique ‘cationic’ formula while helps reduce the friction while shaving leaving you with smooth skin. Also an added plus it doesn’t have that horrible shaving cream smell that others have!

Overall, my skin feels amazingly soft. You do need to change the blade every week to achieve the full affect. I can definitely see the difference between the FFS blades and the disposables I used to buy.

If you’re interested in this subscription service you can sign up and use the code R82JS6 and receive 25% discount off your first order or click HERE.


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