A Weekend in Luxury

*UPDATED: 08/12/17

For one of my best friend’s birthday, she decided to have a weekend away in a luxury cottage with a group of friends. We did this a couple years ago for another birthday and really enjoyed it so decided we would do it again in another location.

The accommodation that we stayed in is called Luxury in the Cotswold that is located on the outskirts of Oxford in the countryside. It is built up of many different cottages but the one we stayed in was called the Cart Shed. If you want to find out more of look at it in more detail then click here. We stayed here from Friday evening until Monday morning so it was a nice long extended girls weekend.


The weekend went by so quickly it was all such a blur! They say time flies when you’re havin fun. Once we got to the cottage, we spent majority of the night decorating and making dinner. As the cottage is basically in the middle of nowhere with no local amenity shops nearby, we had a tesco delivery come on the Friday night with enough food to last a week. To be fair there was 10 of us there so better to have had more food than not enough.

Our weekend consisted of eating, drinking, playing prosecco pong (highly recommend) dancing, and sitting in the hot tub. I must say autumn/winter is definitely the right time to sit in a hot tub as it warms you right up – the struggle is just getting back out and running back inside without catching hyperthermia!

On the saturday night we decided that we would dress up and take photos and have a small party inside the house to celebrate. Its a different experience to a night out on the town but it was still lots of fun!

The last night there we had spent most of the day in the hot tub and witnessed the most beautiful sunset so I did brave the cold for a few wonderful snaps of the countryside and the outside of the country.

One little surprise (but not such a surprise as she knew about it) was decorating the cake for my friend. It started off as a plain cookies and cream sponge and transformed into this extravaganza. I think I had more fun decorating it than I did eating it to be honest haha. I used fresh strawberries, white chocolate fingers, party rings, marshmallows, white kinder bueno, mr kipling angel slices, french fancies and jammy dodgers. I used the left over treats as decoration for the cupcakes and then sprayed everything with a silver glitter spray!

(Candles, and letters/numbers were ordered online)


It was such a great weekend spent with great company and the birthday girl had fun so thats the main thing! I highly recommend Luxury in the cotswold for a weekend away or even during the week to stay. Everything is fully furnished so all you have to bring is yourself (and maybe some extra clothes).

*Vlog of the weekend away is now out on my youtube channel, click here. Like & Subscribe!




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