Roster: January 2018

*[UPDATED: 22/01/18]

I can’t believe it’s going to be 2018 already. This year has gone by too quickly and feels like one big whirlwind blur. So my first roster for 2018 is out and I am welcoming back america with some new and old routes.


Home Standby x3

-ATL (Atlanta) 🇺🇸

-PEK (Beijing) 🇨🇳

– First Class Training

-BOS (Boston) 🇺🇸

-Annual Leave

-PHL (Philadelphia) 🇺🇸

*-IAH (Houston) 🇺🇸


I begin January with a block of Standby which will hopefully get filled in. My home standby got filled in with a trip to ATL where I position back as a passenger! Happy Days! Then I have a trip to PEK where I will most catch up on my new year shopping. After this and much anticipation I will have my First Class training which I am really looking forward to. My new destination for the month is BOS, I will have to do some research on what is good to see or do there. Then after a bit of annual leave I finish the month with a PHL*I was looking at my roster and thinking that something was missing and realised I forgot to put my tem trip to IAH on here!

Overall, a pretty decent month with a long haul flights so a commuters dream!

Stay tuned for the blog posts!



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