Roster: February 2018

February roster is out and I made sure I done some very strategic bidding to get the routes that I wanted. It’s a very small roster but all will be explained below as you read on!



HAJ > BLQ (Hannover > Bologna) 🇩🇪 > 🇮🇹

-Annual Leave

-Airport Standby

-Home Standby x2

-SIN > SYD > SIN (Singapore > Sydney > Singapore) 🇸🇬 > 🇦🇺 > 🇸🇬


So I start the month off with a small stint of short haul. A t&b to HAJ which I believe is a new destination for myself and a nightstop in BLQ which is another new destination. I didn’t bid for either of these destinations but I am happy with them both. Then I have a long stint of annual leave where I am planning to go on holiday but you shall see and hear about all of that in due course.

Next I have airport standby followed by two home standbys which I am desperately trying to swap for a trip instead. After this I have my second SIN/SYD trip since I have started flying and super excited to be going again as it was one of my bids.

Overall, a pretty decent month which may seem short but its pretty jam packed with all the stuff I have planned.

Stay tuned for the blog posts!



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