Roster: March 2018

I have been so quite on my blog lately to the point where I am so late posting my March roster that April roster is out tomorrow lol!! Anyway, better late than never! Check out below where I have been to so far and where I will be going to for the rest of the month.


KUL (Kuala Lumpur) 🇲🇾

WAW (Warsaw) 🇵🇱

SJC (San Jose) 🇺🇸

– Airport Standby 

-Home Standby x3

-AUH (Abu Dhabi) 🇦🇪

Annual Leave


At the beginning of the month I had a KUL. I had planned to go out and be a tourist but two nights out and I spent the day sleeping! However, you shall not defeat me, I will conquer you next time! I then had a T&B to WAW hopefully my only short haul for the month (unless I get a nice euro tour on my standby).

Next up I then have a SJC, where I do hope to go out and explore but the weather isn’t looking promising but hopefully it will hold out. Which then leads into my standby, so hopefully there is something good in store for me there.

Then I have a lovely AUH to finish off the month before my annual leave where I will be going to Madrid but you shall hear all about that all in due course.

Stay tuned for the blog posts!



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