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On one of recent trips to Atlanta, I decided I would finally make a trip to the World of Coca-Cola factory as I had heard so much about it and have been meaning to go every time I get a trip to Atlanta.

World of Coca-Cola is a museum located in Atlanta which shows the history and the making behind one of the world’s most famous drink. There are many different exhibits to explore and experience inside the museum.



In the lobby, is the entrance before entering the main area. Here they hand out a free can of one of four flavours to get you into the spirit of things before moving on further. It also showcases some sculptures of bottles from different artists around the world.



Inside the loft is where you get the background story and history of coca-cola. You learn all about the adverts and symbols and basically everything in a nutshell. There are also some of the original artifacts that they used back in the day that you will get to see in person.



Inside the vault is where it is said that the secret formula of the coca-cola recipe is kept and safely secured. You will also learn how the company have managed to keep the formula a secret for so long and the different myths and legends that came along with it.



In this area you will get to see how fans of coca-cola have made it part of popular culture. You will get to see the gallery of original pictures. There is also an opportunity to take a photo sitting on the sofa from the American idol season 4 set (the sofa was the actual one used to interview the contestants on). Just before you leave, you can also write a letter about your favourite memory that includes or involves coca-cola. Some previous letters you get to read on the wall or virtually.



I think this was my favourite part of the experience! Now, I am not a big fan of coke honestly (unless it’s mixed with rum) but it was interesting getting to taste all the different flavours. In this room you get to try 100+ coca-cola beverages, whether it be coke itself or the other brands that are made by coca-cola.


At the sample bar, there is a new flavour that you can try – this time it was chocolate cherry coke. The idea of it was nice but I can’t say that it tasted that great!

To finish the day off I went to visit the coca-cola store and got myself some small goodies and memorabilia to look back on from my trip.

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