Sun, Sea and San Jose

I’m always excited when I see a new destination on my roster and San Jose was no exceptions. The flight over is fairly long but I got there in the evening so at least you can go to bed at wake up as normal.

That evening we went to johnny rocket for dinner. I had never been there before so it was fun to go and try something new for a change. The restaurant is like your typical old school american diner and do the most amazing milkshakes!

The next morning it was an early start for some of us. One of the crew had hired a car for the day so had offered to drive us to Monterey Bay to do some whale watching. Not before fuelling ourselves up with some breakfast from the lounge in the hotel.

The drive to Monterey Bay took around an hour or two from our hotel so we got to see the sun rise on our journey.

We soon arrived at Blue Ocean Whale watching in Monterey Bay. The tours depart from Moss Landing harbour and you are best booking your places in advance as they tend to sell out fairly quickly.

Whale watching can be so hit and miss as you never know where they will be or if they will come up to the surface. It took a while for them to make an appearance but when they did they were unstoppable and we managed to get a few pictures and videos.

Being by the sea it was only right that we went to sea food restaurant for our lunch and try out the local delights. We went to Phil’s Fish Market restaurant which was just a short walk around the corner from the Harbour for us to try.


Once we had finished eating, we then drove down to Carmel-by-the sea which is a small beach city in California. It is known for its museums and fairy tale cottages in in village centre. The weather was still bright and sunny when we arrived so it was lovely to sit by the beach until the sun started to set. Once it was dark we then made our way back t San Jose.

The next day I woke up for breakfast before exploring the city of San Jose itself. We went down to San Pedro square which is a small market area with lots of different kinds of street food. I love trying street food as it is always much tastier and cheaper so you can’t complain with that really.

Overall, my first time to San Jose was an amazing one and I’m glad I got to experience it! There is always something new to do and see whenever I come to San Jose!




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