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I’m partial to a spot of afternoon tea so when presented with an opportunity it would be rude to decline. This time it was with a twist. At OXO Tower Brasserie, they like to call it ‘Not Afternoon Tea’. Instead of your usual sandwiches, scones and tea, you have the option of choosing between three dessert plates that are accompanied by a selected cocktail to compliment it.

I had never been in the OXO Tower before so wasn’t sure of what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised right from the get-go. I was there from around 4pm and it was quiet enough not to be disturbed and enjoy your surroundings, however I can imagine later on in the evening or at weekends that it would be fairly busy.

The OXO Tower Brasserie is located on the South Bank next to the River Thames, up high on the 8th floor to witness some beautiful views of london (minus the odd crane!). As soon as you enter the restaurant you are welcomed with a smile from all of the staff who are always more than happy to help.

The first dessert plate that was chosen was the ‘Tantalisingly Tasty‘ which consisted of:
Lemon tart
Blood orange and poppy seed cake
Pink grapefruit curd meringues
Lime and coconut frangipane

If you are a fan of sharp and sour treats then this plate is definitely for you. It is accompanied with a vodka, fizzy tipple called ‘Tingy Tangy‘ cocktail.

The second dessert plate that was chosen were the ‘All About the British Pudding‘ selection which consisted of:
Sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream
Apple crumble with custard
Treacle tart
Eccles cake

If you prefer sweet and luscious then this plate is for you. It is accompanied with a gin, apple and honey cocktail called ‘Apple Crumble

I’m not usually a fan of gin, but the rest of the ingredients (mainly the honey) helped sweeten it out and made it smoother to drink.

There is also a third dessert plate that you can choose or the pre-theatre selection and from time to time a seasonal option which you are able to find here.

My experience at the OXO Tower Brasserie was really good. The staff are lovely and attentive and leave you to enjoy the experience as much as possible. The desserts were expertly presented but that was expected with you hear that the menu is by Harvey Nichols. I would go again to try out their other dessert plates or even the A la Carte menu.

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