Roster: May 2018

Two years in May since I started my training for Cabin Crew and here we are again with another roster. It definitely doesn’t feel like I have been here that long but they say if you get a job that you love then it won’t feel like work!


SEP Recurrent Exams

-LIN (Milan) 🇮🇹

-Ground Days

-SEA (Seattle) 🇺🇸Team Trip

-LIN (Milan) 🇮🇹

-DUB > BHD (Dublin > Belfast City) 🇮🇪> 🇬🇧

-DME (Moscow) 🇷🇺

-MAD (Madrid) 🇪🇸

-YYZ (Toronto) 🇨🇦

-LAD (Luanda) 🇦🇴


I start the month with my annual SEP recurrent exams. It’s no surprise that this had come up again as it comes every year so lets hope I get through this one again!
After this I have a t&b to LIN, followed by a few ground days as my hours are still high. After this I then have a team trip to SEA so will get to see a few of my training buds again.
Next up, I have another t&b to LIN followed by a DUB t&b and a night stop to BHD. The next day I have a day DME.
After this I have a MAD t&b leading into a YYZ the next day.
Then to finish the month of I have a trip to a new destination LAD.

It may look like I am doing or flying a lot but most of it are there and backs so it does not equate to much but at least I am going to a new destination so that’s something to look forward to!

Stay tuned for the blog posts!



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