Roster: June 2018

I know I have been so quiet on my blog lately but I’ve been so busy the past few weeks I haven’t had a chance to catch up on everything but hopefully things will start to go back to normal after this roster post!

-AUS (Austin) 🇺🇸

-ABZ (Aberdeen) 🇬🇧

-LUX > BUD (Luxembourg > Budapest) 🇱🇺> 🇭🇺

-DME (Moscow) 🇷🇺

-Annual Leave


My June roster is a bit of a quiet one but I do have lots going on this month. I start off the month going to AUS which is a new destination for me! After this I have a bit of a short haul stint with a t&b to ABZ, followed by a t&b to LUX and then ending with a night stop in BUD (which is a new destination also, so lots of exploring). To end my working month I am doing yet another DME! After all of this I then have two weeks off annual leave which I am going on holiday on so stay tuned for that! Lots of exciting adventures coming my way.

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