Roster: July 2018

So it’s a bit far into the month to be posting my roster now but it’s finally here!


-CPT (Cape Town)

-LIN > DUS (Milan > Dusseldorf)

Airport Standby

-YYC (Calgary)

-OSL (Oslo)

-JNB (Johannesburg)

-BLL > CPH > HEL (Billund > Copenhagen > Helsinki)

Annual Leave

– YYZ (Toronto)

I am the South Africa and Canadian queen this month! I started off the month by going to CPT and stocking up on my favourite wine. Then this was followed by a night stop in LIN and a t&B to DUS. Then I have airport standby, if I don’t get called for a long haul trip then I will be off to YYC the next day. Haven’t been in a while so it will be nice to go back. After this I have a t&b to OSL leading into a JNB! Rounding up the rest of the month with a small euro tour with a t&b to BLL, a night stop in CPH and HEL and then finish with a trip to YYZ!

Not bad month for July considering I didn’t bid for any of these trips!

Thanks for reading!



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