Roster: August 2018

August roster is out and this time with a slight twist as I will be transferring over to Gatwick half way through the month! So excited for all these new destinations and looking forward to what is in store. I will do a separate post explaining more about my transfer to Gatwick.


-DXB (Dubai) 🇦🇪

900hr Days x4

Ground Duty

-Naples (Naples, Italy) 🇮🇹

– Home Standby

-CUN (Cancun, Mexico) 🇲🇽

Annual Leave

Home Standby x3


I start the month off with a trip to DXB, it’s been ages since I last went there so I am looking forward to re-visiting. After this I have five 900 hour days, I assume these are there to keep my flying hours down but these can still change into a trip so I will have to wait and see.

Next, I have a ground duty day at Gatwick, as I am transferring I will have a day on the ground as a familiarisation of knowing where things are how to do every day things when coming to do a trip, which is helpful as the day after this then I have a t&b to NAP as my first flight out of Gatwick before doing a CUN which I’m excited to visit. I have been there once on holiday many years ago. To end the month I have some Home Standby which I’m hoping to get filled as the commute to Gatwick is longer.

Not bad month for August!

Thanks for reading!



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