Back in May, I went to Barcelona for an extended weekend away for some sunshine and of course Sangria!

Below is a quick guide of what I got up to over the couple of days that I was there.

I was on standby for my flights to Barcelona and underestimated how busy it would be but thankfully I got a flight deck jump seat over and made it to Barcelona in the early evening. Without wanting to waste what was left of the day, I went to the Magic Fountain show of Montjuïc. The fountain displays a show of colour, light and motion along to music and is highly recommended when you come to Barcelona.

After the fountain show and walking around exploring the area, for dinner that evening we went to Guru Food & Cocktails which is a charming spot located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona serving a selection of tapas of Mediterranean cuisine.

We decided to just get a selection of the different tapas dishes such as breadsticks with alioli terrine, olives, patatas bravas, cannelloni and for dessert tarte tatin. All washed down with a jug of Sangria!

The next day was the dedicated beach day. Even though the sun was out, it was really windy so I didn’t get the beach day I was expecting. Barcelona has a lot of beaches to offer but we decided to head to the furthest one away at Vilassar de Mar. It was lovely and quiet and not over crowded but that could have been because of the weather.

To end the beach day we went to a Vegetarian restaurant (something rare for Spain as they love their meat). We found a small restaurant called Rasoterra, in the Gothic Quarter. They had a lovely 7 course taster menu to try (which we did – everything mentioned below). The first dish was cream of Cauliflower soup (Ajoblanco amb all negre prunes del nostre hort) (forgot to take a picture but there is a snap of hit on my Insta story highlights). We had all of this for €32!

Flour of chickpeas with artichoke (Farinata de cigrons sanfaina i remolatxa encurtida)


Taco with mushroom, avocado and peppers (Taco de blat de moro morat amb huitlacoche i alvocat
crema de mongetes, ceba encurtida, pebrot verd)


Grilled Maitake mushroom (Bolet maitake a la planxa salsa gravlax i mongetes verdes)


There were two options for the main course:

Algae and cheese risotto with asparagus (Risotto d’alga codium i espàrrecs formatge Gran Kinara)


Spicy potato and chickpea curry with sticky rice with a popadum (Curry picant de patata violeta, pebrots, carbassons i cigrons arròs glutinós i papadum)


Strawberry Ceviche, what they desecribed as a Mango Sorbet with a chilli, strawberry and corriander sauce (Cevitxe de mango amb sorbet de préssec, balsàmic i canyel·la leche de tigre de mango, coco i coriandre)

Sounds weird but it was actually really tasty and refreshing!

Chocolate truffles (Trufa de xocolata oli extra verge d’oliva, sal, escorça de llima)

I wasn’t a fan of these as they were dark chocolate but for some it would have been a nice way to end the night, paired with a digestif.


The next day was set aside for tourism. I usually stick to my hop on hop off bus tours but this worked out quite expensive in Barcelona, so instead we found a better cheaper alternative which was a bike tour ride. You got to see all of Barcelona while riding a bike – luckily the weather was really nice that day too.

Barcelona Cathedral

Arc de Triumf 

Parc de la Ciutadella

Sagrada Família

La Vila Olímpica del Poblenou


Once the bike tour was over we stopped at a nearby cafe for some lunch. Barcelona can be quite expensive but always keep a look out for the small cafes that do a meal and drink combo!


After lunch we went to the Teleferic de Montjuïc to take the cable car up to Montjuic Castle. The castle is an old military fortress built on top of Montjuïc hill. It only cost us €3 to get inside and once you reach the top you are able to enjoy some impressive views of Barcelona from both the city and the coastline, chance for a perfect photo opportunity.

Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys

That evening.


On our last day, we didn’t get to see everything on the bike tour, so decided to use public transport to go and see the rest. Firstly, was Park Guell which is a public park made up of gardens and architecture. It is one of the many works produce by Gaudí. You can buy tickets on the day but it is recommended to purchase them in advance as with it being one of the most impressive parks in the world it can get quite busy!

We spent majority of the day walking around the park and taking pictures and thankfully the weather held up for another day. Then not too far away was Casa Batlló which is another of Gaudí’s masterpieces in the center of Barcelona. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to go inside, so instead we went to go and find something to eat before making our way to the airport.

Overall, my time in Barcelona was absolutely amazing. I got to see so many things that I had wanted to and it was nice to get away for a long weekend away. If your considering Barcelona as a holiday destination then I would definitely recommend it. There was so much more to see and do that I just didn’t get a chance to! I didn’t get a chance to vlog this trip, purely because I totally forgot but I wish I had now.

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