Roster: September 2018

*UPDATED: 10/09/18

I’ve been so busy the past few weeks that I haven’t been updated my blog much which has resulted in my September roster being published late! Better late than never, so here it is, another jam packed month with lots of exciting new destinations.


-OAK (Oakland) 🇺🇸

Airport Standby

Home Standby

-AGP (Malaga) 🇪🇸

-BGI (Barbados) 🇧🇧

-JFK (New York) 🇺🇸

UVF > POS > UVF (St Lucia > Trinidad & Tobago > St Lucia) 🇱🇨> 🇹🇹> 🇱🇨

-CUN (Cancun) 🇲🇽


So this month I already got to experience a 5 day OAK trip which was really good and got to experience my first baseball game! Next up I have airport standby, followed by *home standby . which changed to a there and back to AGP. Hopefully I don’t get called for anything as after this I have a BGI. It’s a quick trip but I’m looking forward to going. After this, I have a JFK trip, yes I’ve been before but it will be nice to go and see things that I didn’t get a chance to the first time. Next I have UVF with a shuttle to POS before heading back to UVF. Then to end the month I have CUN again which I’m looking forward to going to again!

Another exciting month!!

Thanks for reading!



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