Roster: May 2019

I was debating whether to even post my May roster as I don’t have a lot going on. However, I want to show that my rosters aren’t always that glamourous!

-900hr day x3

-Airport Standby 

-Home Standby x3

-900hr day x2

-Annual Leave


-Airport Standby

-Home standby x2

-900hr day x2

I start the month off with 900hr ground days. These are basically days which are placed into your roster to keep your flying hours low as we can only fly a certain amount of hours per month/year. I didn’t think my hours were that high but I have a fair few of these 900hr days throughout the month.

After this I have a block of standby which I am praying gets changed to a long haul trip.

Thankfully I also have some annual leave booked in May which I am planning on going away for my best friends hen do! Stay tuned for the pics!

Then I have SEP which are my annual recurrent exams to make sure I am up to date and current on all my aircrafts that I fly on to keep my licence – so lots of revision for me for the next few weeks.

To end the month I have another block of standby – so let’s hope I can get some nice routes in this month.


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