Photo Diary: Mauritius

I had visited Mauritius many years ago as a child but couldn’t really remember it but when I got rostered a 6 day trip in December I was so excited to go exploring again and I even brought my brother along with me to experience the island! Here is a photo diary of what we got up to during my stay there.

11th December ’18
After a 12 hour night flight, we finally reached Mauritius the next afternoon. While most of the crew went to sleep until dinner that evening, my brother and I ventured out around the area and went to the local market.

For dinner that evening we ventured to a local restaurant called Beer and Spice.


12th December ’18
Breakfast in bed the next morning

After breakfast we had booked to go on a day trip on a catamaran boat trip. Where we got to snorkel, drink and eat all inclusive (well at least until it all ran out!)





13th December ’18

This was our dedicated beach day. There are so many beautiful beaches to go and visit when in Mauritius but we decided on going to Mont Choisy beach and we didn’t regret it. The sand is white and beautifully soft and the sea is so clear it’s amazing to see. Majority of the day was spent here lounging and enjoying the surroundings and eating food from the street vendors.


14th December ’18

Our last day in Mauritius and we decided to do a Southern Mauritius Tour. First we got taken to a shop called Port where they hand craft all different sized ships from scratch. The talent!

Next: Trou aux cerfs volcano – it is a dormant volcano with a defined cone and crater.


Next: Went to visit the Grand Bassin Temple and sacred Lake – which is a crater lake about 550 meters above sea level with a depth of between 50 – 55 feet. As it’s sacred no-one is allowed to swim or fish in the lake which means the lake is full of beautiful fish.

It is said that a priest from India brought sacred water from the Ganges and in a ceremonial act poured the holy water into the lake.



Next: The Black river gorges national park

Next: Chamarel waterfall

Next: The seven coloured earths – these colourful dunes are traces of ancient geoclimatic events, where I even got to see some cute tortoises.

Before we made our way back to the hotel to get ready to go home, we stopped off at a lovely restaurant (which I can’t remember the name of now unfortunately) for some lunch.

The final quick pitstop of the day was to Flic-en-Flac beach, another one of the many beaches in Mauritius (however I did prefer Mont Choisy beach to this one).


Overall, I had an incredible trip to Mauritius and can’t wait to visit again!



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